Expect That Trouble Will Come

The trouble with the start of the year is the euphoria we all face when we have the eternal optimism that things will go as we hope; or that we will be finally able to achieve those dreams that have been so illusive to us before.

While I am all for large doses of optimism; I think we make a mistake when we to do not prepare ourselves fully for the challenges that will come along the way as we work towards our vision. In the midst of euphoria, preparing oneself can seem like a drag because it feels like you are interfering with your positive vibes. In reality though, getting prepared is the one way you can make sure your positive vibes last for the long-hall, because you have prepared for other negative scenarios.

One of my favourite ways of preparing is to mentally and spiritually position myself for opposition or challenges. What does this mean? It means that I first get my brain to understand and be calm about the fact that challenges and opposition will come as a guarantee. Is this me choosing to take a negative outlook on life? Not at all. My intention is to get to the level of calmness and emotional fortitude where I am totally relaxed and calm when uncertainty or challenges come. So that I no longer respond with hysteria or shock. Over the years I have come to conclude that the first battle we loose with challenges is our initial response to them – especially where that response is hysteria. Did you know that hysteria was a medical condition specifically associated with women? In fact its original meaning stems from the Greek word ‘hystera’ which mean uterus! When we are hysterical or in shock, the brain stops functioning optimally and our capacity for decision making is reduced dramatically.

Scientists explain that our physiological response to uncertainty is as follows - the brain shifts control to the emotive part of the brain called the limbic system…where the knee-jerk fear response resides. In short, your brain sabotages you. The solution is to redirect yourself back to rational thought.

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