Embrace Change!

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

As we gear up for 2019, we must manage our perspective and attitudes towards certain difficult aspects of life so that we can lead well. The first one is CHANGE.

We are embracing 2019 with hands wide open!

It is almost unfair I tell you. That just when I think I have arrived at a place of peace, security, stability, clarity, and comfort – I am now required to change again. Do you have any idea what it has taken for me to get here? I have battled storms, giants and things I never thought I would have to face just so I could get here. Through all of that I discovered my strength, my purpose, my capacity. Love renewed me, made me whole and taught me that I can never be broken. I was starting to relax, thinking I would be here for a while just doing my thing. Now I must adjust to change again?!

The truth is that change is constant. Our best response to it is to expect it, and to proactively shape how we want it to play our in our lives. Now, that's a power move!

I have to confess. When I did an audit of the things that will change in my life in 2019 I was truly bewildered. I expected that these transformations would only happen years from now. So, when I caught wind of it, my first response was resistance.

Yes I know that change is part of life. But you know when we speak about change its very often when we are in a bad place and we are actively inviting change into our lives in order to improve things. What happens when things are seemingly perfect or at least very good, and we don’t want any changes?

The truth is that constant change is an integral part of life. Business schools are spending time training leaders about adapting to constant change; and understanding the changing nature of change itself. Therapists have also dealt with this topic at length; especially advising individuals who want to improve their lives about how to commit to change in the long-term. What is less talked about is how to tolerate change even when you feel like you are in a good place where change is not necessary or needed.

At the personal level, I find that one of the best ways to deal with change is to firstly remove any value judgements towards it. In other words, change is neither good nor bad – it is just a factor of life. The reason why I panicked about my impending change is that because I was in a good place, I automatically assumed that the coming change will be negative; or that it will have more negative than positive consequences. But this is not the case – especially because every stage of life has both negative and positive aspects to it.

The second key is that when change is eminent, our job is less about avoiding it; and more about trusting our capacity to manage and deal with whatever is coming our way. In order to trust your own capacity to deal, you have to actually develop the skills to deal with impending changes, e.g. acquire new knowledge; create new conducive environments; access resources or whatever else is necessary to strengthen your own capacity.

The third key is to identify the change that is coming and get clear about the reasons why the change is coming; especially focussing on the positive benefits of this change. This way, you take a more pro-active approach by actively envisioning how you want this change to play out in your life. This is the case of the power of your thoughts becoming reality.

Linked to this is the need to identify in yourself what new behaviours you need to adopt in order to align yourself with the coming change. For example, if you are about to be promoted to manager, you might realise that your tendency to arrive late in meetings will not cut it anymore. So then you identify that as a behaviour you must change in order to align to your promotion; and you begin working towards that change gradually.

The bottom line is that change in our lives is a constant both at the professional level and in our personal lives. But any kind of change can be good if we adopt a positive perspective about it, and pro-actively shape how it plays out in our lives.

Happy 2019 darlings! May this be your year of abundance.

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