Become love

Because it takes love to truly withstand violence &

opposition in the real world.

To be truly healed, you must become love

So you can heal the world of the pain it inflicted on you

Since #becominglove is our topic for February, I've been struggling to come up with the language to explain how one becomes love. How can you describe a lifetime journey for a particular state of being in a few words? It is not easy!

Here is what I settled with so far. To become love...the three R's must happen. Reconciliation. Restoration. Renewal.

RECONCILIATION: (Meaning to reestablish and align). Your relationship with Your Creator must be re-established and aligned to original designed. The Latin word for reconcile is to bring together and make consistent with another.

RESTORATION: (Meaning to return back to former or original state of being). Once reconciled, you can be returned back to your original state of being as you were created as love. Within the root word of restore in Latin is the idea of making something stand firm in it's original identity. I love the last part.

RENEWAL: (Meaning to begin again or resume functionality with vigour). Now that you re-established your relationship with God, and He reinstated your identity as love, you are now reinstated to function fully in the purpose/function you were created for (work) with vigour and confidence.

Does that resonate with you? When I began this study, I realised this speaks directly to my journey thus far...and while the journey continues and will never end...I am so very grateful to be here. I hope a similar love story unfolds for you too💕🌸💕🌸

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